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Yarn and Angular-CLI

Background I have been thinking of a faster package management tool ever since I started using NPM (Node Package Manager). Please don’t mistake me having anything against NPM. I still love this package manager and I very much love the rich command-line that it came with. When it was created, it was really the leader and because of this NPM the whole JS world has seen a revolution. NPM surly was the spark to the revolution in the JS (Java Script) world. To make it clear for everyone why we needed a new package manager is because of the following challenges that we had with NPM, 1.      The Nested dependencies that was sometimes going in infinity loops. At times, it was impossible to delete files on the PC as the paths were too nested. 2.      Everything on the world had to depend on only one registry. 3.      Single threaded installation. The installation of the dependencies are single threaded. 4.      You are always expected to be online even i