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Java SSL/TLS Testing Tool: Cipher Suite

Recently I was reading about the TLS/SSL and Ciphers. I was also interested to read about the Ciphers that are provided out of the box with JDK. This looked to me like this is something we take it for granted and do not do our due diligence when talking about the Ciphers. We often times leave those topic to our organization's network and security team. From my experience, it is a topic that all the developers leave it to the Sr. Developers and then the Sr. Developers pass it on to the Management. Guess what? It is not a sweet topic to discussion. To break this kind of symptom, I have choose to make it simple and want everyone to understand the complexity and importance of knowing this. Lets get started Before we wet our hands here is some basic information that you will require to know, Word Meaning Protocol A defined set of rules and regulations that determine how data is transmitted in telecommunications and computer networking SSL