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Terminalize your Prompt

Introduction As a Software Developer, it is often productive to use the terminal. I am used to the terminal so much and spend most of my time on the terminal. To enhance your experience on your terminal I strongly recommend the @ohmyzsh to be part of your terminal. It has been a few years now, not sure from when, I cannot imagine a terminal without @ohmyzsh. There are a lot of details found on Oh My Zsh - a delightful & open source framework for Zsh please feel free to visit and be prepared to be awesome-struck. Here is my Terminal that I had posted on my Twitter a while ago Let's get started with awesomeness! Here I would recommend you to make sure you have the wget tool. This is a utility from the GNU Free Software Foundation. Visit Wget to make sure it is in your ecosystem. There is another very important tool that you will need is the jq . That helps in parsing the json output. Chuck Noris Jo