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Installing Open JDK on Ubundu

Introduction Here we come with another Java cool stuff. Ever wondered how to keep yourself upto date with Java's new release structure. I am going to talk on how to keep yourself upto date with Java, JDK on your Ubundu/Deb flavored Linux that you love. I personally use Linux Mint and was struggling to have a nice way to keep up with the new versions of Java and had written multiple scripts to automate the upgrades and stay current. When I found that the feature of using Java alternatives can be the right tool I did do some investigation and found that that is the best way I have found sofar that is working. Hence, I decided to quickly make some notes for myself then thought of putting it as a blog so that I could potentially share with my friends and to the community. How To: Install Open JDK. Prerequisites Here are somethings that you will require, A system with Ubundu/Deb flavored Linux You will have to have root access Some disk space to install the software